Activated Charcoal with Peppermint


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Activated Charcoal soap which
can help with
• 1.  Oily Skin
• 2. Provides Flawless Skin
• 3. Charcoal Soap For Acne
• 4. Reduces Pore Size
• 5. Makes Skin Tighter And Firmer
• 6. Suits Every Skin Type
• 7. Prevents Premature Aging
• 8. Clears Skin Blemishes
• 9. Helps with Psoriasis and eczema

Ingredients: Goats milk, Saponified oil of  Coconut

Canola  Rice Bran Sunflower  Olive oil,

Grape seed Castor

Activated Charcoal and Peppermint EO


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